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Men Advocating Real Change – Part II

    News about Men Advocating Real Change continues. Here’s an article for the Atlantic I wrote with Jeanine Prime:

    Most guys get that equality programs — things like flexible work arrangements, mentoring programs, on-site childcare, and legislative solutions for equal pay — are good for women and men. They support equality, not just because they care about women, but because they recognize it’s in their own interests. […]

    To foster an environment where men can build better relationships, personal fulfillment and financial security, more and more guys are joining initiatives like The Good Men Project and more recently, Men Advocating Real Change or MARC (Full disclosure: Mike Otterman and Jeanine Prime are MARC’s community managers.) These online movements connect and amplify the “good guys” and give men who “get it” greater voice and visibility. Plus, they create a platform for men to stand up to those who call for a return to our Mad Men past.

    Supporting equality does not mean the end of men. It is not a zero-sum game. Scaling back initiatives that foster workplace equality is not only anti-women, but anti-men too.

    And this is a recent radio interview we conducted with Ashley Milne-Tyte:

    And a shout-out in HuffPo from Olympic Ski Medalist (!) Bonnie St. John:

    Catalyst, the 50-year-old premiere nonprofit membership organization expanding opportunities for women and business, is reaching beyond North America and Europe with a new office in India, increased partnerships with their counterparts in Japan, South Africa and Australia and plans to continue connecting the web of global knowledge and action. Perhaps even more revolutionary is their new organization to involve men: MARC, Men Advocating Real Change. This exciting innovation provides men with a platform talk about how to help with women’s leadership issues, as well as discuss their frustrations and challenges.