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2012 Events:


“No Place Called Home” short reading, panel discussion and art exhibit – New York City

Thursday, January 19, 2012, 6:30 PM

Illuminated Metropolis Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 529, New York, NY 10001

Michael Otterman and Kim Shultz in conversation following the performance.

Left Forum 2012 – NYC

March 17-18, 2012, 12PM – 2PM

Pace University, New York City Campus, One Pace Plaza, New York, NY 10038

Panel: What War?  US Turns from War on Iraq to Permanent Occupation

Despite the Obama administration’s announcement that U.S. combat troops
are finally leaving Iraq, giving rise to the popular perception that “Iraq
war is over,” this is not really the case.   The U.S. has been forced to
withdraw its military units—in part because it couldn’t forge a new
“status of forces” agreement with the Iraqi government. But thousands of
U.S. diplomats, military contractors, CIA operatives, and other support
personnel will remain in Iraq after the end of the year. The U.S. will
still have tens of thousands of troops, as well as air and naval power and
various military alliances in the Middle East and Central Asia. And 23,000
of those troops will be stationed directly across the border in Kuwait.

The “status of forces” agreement is in compliance with a treaty that Bush
and Maliki made three years ago.  The Obama administration, through the
State Department, pursued very hard the plan to keep U.S. fighting forces
in Iraq beyond this year.  It was the Maliki government, which in general
has been very compliant to its U.S. funders, who balked at allowing U.S.
military to stay because the terms demanded by Obama included immunity
from local prosecution for the troops.

The largest U.S. embassy in the world is in the heart of Baghdad. The
State Department will continue to have some 5,000 security contractors and
4,500 other support contractors in Iraq, as well as a significant CIA
presence and U.S. officials have stated there will be a continuing
military relationship with Iraq that will include the training of Iraqi

United National Antiwar Coalition National Conference – Stamford, CT

March 23-25, 2012, 4PM – 5:30

Stamford Hilton Hotel, CT

Workshop: What War? US Turns from War on Iraq to Permanent Occupation

GOALS (Educational, Organizing, Skills Training, Networking/Movement-building,  Strategizing, Action Planning, etc.):     Educational information from panelists who are expert on the subject of Iraq & US military invasion; Networking with others at the conference to keep mobilizing against the continued presence in Iraq; Spreading the knowledge gained from the workshop out to people who may consider the Iraq “war” over; and, Providing materials which are informative, descriptive, enlightening, and helpful through the education process and giving the tools necessary to continue anti-war and anti-militarism work.

Catalyst Awards Conference – Waldorf=Astoria, NYC

March 28, 2012, 3PM – 4:15 PM

Men Advocating Real Change: Join the Movement

Join us at the launch of MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) the first online community for professional men committed to making real change in the workplace. On MARC, members can share observations, best practices, and advice about gender and inclusion—from men’s perspectives—and become part of an influential movement for greater equity at work. In this session, meet the official MARC bloggers—all world-renowned experts in gender and masculinity—and get a sneak peek of the MARC website and its innovative subject matter. Help shape the conversations on MARC and join the movement!

Moderators: Mike Otterman, Social Media Manager, Catalyst & Jeanine Prime, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Catalyst

Panelists (subject to change): Martin N. Davidson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Business Administration, Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia; Lars Einar Engstrom, Author and Senior Partner, EdcolbyAB; Michael S. Kimmel, Ph.D., Sociologist, Author, Lecturer; Amitabh Kumar, Head of Media and Communication at the Centre for Social Research; Frank McCloskey, Retired Vice President of Diversity for Georgia Power; Bill Proudman, Founding Partner and COO of White Men As Full Diversity Partners; Graeme Russell, Ph.D., Consultant; Michael Welp, Ph.D., Founding Partner of White Men As Full Diversity Partners

“No Place Called Home” – York College, New York City

Thursday, April 26, 2012, 12:00 PM

Michael Otterman and Kim Shultz in conversation following the performance of “No Place Called Home.”


2011 Events:


“No Place Called Home” – Washington DC

Thu, Mar 17, 2011 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

BUSBOYS and POETS (5th and K)

Michael Otterman and Kim Shultz in conversation following the performance of, “No Place Called Home.” Traveling to the Middle East to interview Iraqi refugees and hear their stories, Kim accidentally falls in love with one of them. This is that unexpected story–a story of an American woman and an Iraqi man, a story about one refugee and 4 million, a story that wasn’t supposed to be a love story.

“Veterans For Peace” – Washington DC

Fri, Mar 18, 2011 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

BUSBOYS and POETS (5th and K)

5pm (Cullen Room) – Veterans For Peace – Join us for a gathering featuring great music and an inspiring discussion! Information about weekend actions at the White House and Quantico. Speakers include Medea Benjamin, Chris Hedges, and David Swanson. Music by Deadwood, with special guest Watermelon Slim. Buy your own food and drink. There will be a raffle for a complete set of Watermelon Slim’s great blues recordings and other prizes.  Suggested donation $10.

Connections that Count: Using Social Media for Diversity and Inclusion

Tuesday, March 29, 2011; 2:30PM; Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC

Social media applications—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs—are cutting-edge tools that everyone can use to make an impact. In this session, panelists will assess the power of social media to effect societal change and discuss how you can strategically integrate social media into your D&I efforts.


– Joe Gerstandt, Speaker and Writer

– Jessica Faye Carter, Founder and CEO of Heta Corporation

– Mike Otterman, Author and Writer, Catalyst

– Emily Troiano, Director, Catalyst

Covering Invisible Wars

Thursday, April 7, 2011; 4PM; Brown University, Providence, RI

‘Covering Invisible Wars’ will bring together three prominent journalists to discuss their work investigating elements of the current wars that have not been fully accounted for by the U.S. government and most national media outlets. As the U.S. withdraws combat troops from Iraq, begins a similar withdrawal from Afghanistan, and comes to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the panel will address what new opportunities and challenges exist for focusing public attention on the continuing development and consequences of U.S. wars.

“Silenced Voices of War” – Sydney Writers Festival, Sydney

Sunday, 22 May 2011

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

What are the human costs in the global “war on terror”? Mike Otterman, ‘Erasing Iraq: The Human Costs of Carnage’ and ‘American Torture’, and Antony Loewenstein, ‘My Israel Question’ and ‘The Blogging Revolution’, both work to bring to light the forgotten stories of occupation, dispossession and torture. They discuss the ongoing human tragedies in the Middle East and beyond. What is the media not telling us about Iraq, Egypt, Iran or Palestine and why aren’t we listening to indigenous voices from the region? How can social media allow us to hone in, and amplify, these hidden voices?

Richard Hil and Michael Otterman’s “Erasing Iraq” – Fairfield High School, Sydney

Monday, 23 May, 2011

Private event for students and parents, featuring a discussion about Erasing Iraq, plus workshops on the writing process.

“What the **ck is Going On?” – Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Sydney

Wednesday, 25 May, 20116

PM – 8PM

Are we in an era of war without end? How can we get out of it?

The body of Osama bin Laden lies at the bottom of the sea. Bombers fly over Libya, whiletroops fire on demonstrators in Yemen and Bahrain, and Israel tries to starve the newly united Palestinians into submission. War intensifies in Afghanistan as Iran looms large in neo-conservative cross-hairs and Iraq smoulders from the sociocide committed by the US, Australiaand allies. But a new peace movement is emerging…


• Michael Otterman, author, American Torture and Erasing Iraq: the Human Costs of Carnage;

• Antony Loewenstein, author, My Israel Question and The Blogging Revolution;

• Associate Professor Jake Lynch, Director,Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney

Admission by Gold Coin Donation to finance public advocacy by Australia’s only Peace Centre. Old Geology Lecture Theatre, University of Sydney. More information: 9351 7686

“Hidden Voices of War” – Free University of Bellingen

Thursday, 26 May, 2011

6:30PM – 9PM

Why do we hear so little from the victims of our wars? Writers Michael Otterman and Antony Loewenstein explore the realities of conflict in Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and the broader Middle East. What do the Arab revolutions say about the future of the region? What impact will the killing of Osama bin Laden have on the so-­called war on terror? How do we hear the hidden voices, and amplify them?

RSVP by May 22 –

“Developing Partnerships, Leveraging Synergies, & Mitigating Risks: How
Diversity/Inclusion, Legal & Affirmative Action Compliance Teams Can
Collaborate to Drive Effective Business Strategies”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Northeast Region Corporate ILG Meeting
Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
501 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Panel Discussion:

• Moderator: Tammy Palazzo, Competitive Edge Consulting
• Diversity and Social Media: Mike Otterman, Catalyst, Inc.
• The Collaboration b/w D&I, Employment Law, and AA/EEO Functions:
Barbara McCormick, Asst. General Counsel, Johnson & Johnson
• Diversity and the Regulatory Landscape: Jon A. Geier, Partner, Paul
• Diversity and Performance/Talent Management: Jason Capili, PwC
• Global Strategy, Local Implications: Elizabeth MacGillivray, Mercer

“No Place Called Home” Post-Show Talk-back – New York City

Sunday, October 2, 5PM

Revolution Books, 146 W. 26th Street

World Can’t Wait is sponsoring a reading/showcase of No Place Called Home. Michael Otterman and Kim Shultz in conversation following the performance.

“No Place Called Home” Post-Show Talk-back – New York City

Tuesday, October 18, 12PM

Bronx Community College Playhouse

Michael Otterman and Kim Shultz in conversation following the performance.


 “Building Bridges: The Tools of Public Diplomacy” – Syracuse, New York

Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, 2:45 – 4 PM

Syracuse University, Public Events Room, 220 Eggers Hall

The fourth annual Public Diplomacy Symposium, “Building Bridges: The Tools of Public Diplomacy,” will include four panel discussions designed to spark dialogue about the use of public diplomacy tools, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa. Follow on Twitter at #supd2011.

The panel, “Lending a Hand: Humanitarian Aid and the Government” will be held at 2:45 p.m. Panelists include Charles Benjamin, president of the Near East Foundation; Nicholas Armstrong, research fellow at the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism in the Maxwell School; Meaghan O’Keefe Douglas, program officer at John Snow Inc.; and Michael Otterman, human rights consultant and author of “American Torture: From the Cold War to Abu Ghraib and Beyond” (Pluto Press, 2007) and “Erasing Iraq: The Human Costs of Carnage” (Pluto Press, 2010). Moderator is Renée de Nevers, associate professor of public administration in the Maxwell School.


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